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Dental Anxiety Can Affect You

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Visiting the dentist can be hard, particularly if you’ve had a negative experiences previously. Negative experiences can sometimes create dental anxiety, which often makes it more difficult to keep the dental appointments that are so important to your continued oral health. Let’s look at what sorts of personal situations can cause dental anxiety, as well as a few tips for managing it.

If you have had a painful procedure in the past, it may make it harder for you to go back to your dentist. Please trust that at Kingston Family Dental, we will do everything in our power to make you as comfortable as possible. Our skilled staff will assist you in anything that you need. It may be beneficial for you to bring a small comfort item, such as a pillow or a stress ball. Some people opt to bring their favorite music and headphones, to focus on the music rather than the procedure.

Some patients have distressing mental or emotional conditions that can be triggered by a feeling of helplessness. Remember that at our office, you are in complete control of the situation. You can stop or pause the procedure at almost any point. We are here to help.

For more information, call Kingston Family Dental in Kingston, New Hampshire, at 603-347-1327. Dr. Vera Matshkalyan and our team are happy to help calm your dental anxiety!