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Do You Have Any Untreated Toothaches?

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Do you have any untreated toothaches? A toothache is due to pain produced when nerves within your pulp, located in the roots of your teeth, are damaged. This can be caused by an infection, an oral accident or injury, bad oral hygiene, or tooth loss including extractions, and in some cases, the pain may be felt in the mouth, face, ear, and jaw.

You should seek treatment and visit a dentist if any of the subsequent problems occur:

– You have inflammation in your face or have a fever which may be connected to an abscess or noticeable discharge that can be seen or felt around a tooth.

– A tooth has been violently knocked out due to an accident or blunt trauma.

– Severe pain lingers for longer than 24 hours after a tooth has been pulled.

– Wisdom teeth continue to cause pain when erupting above the gum line, causing irritation.

– Long fevers or chills that cannot be treated with medication may be an indication of a toothache.

– Discomfort is felt even after using over-the-counter medications.

– Facial rashes that cannot be easily explained or related to another cause.

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