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Focus Your Oral Health Care on Tooth Hazards

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One of the biggest causes of dental damage to our teeth and gums is via tooth hazards. Tooth hazards refer to risks that arise from multiple facets of our life that can easily damage your teeth. Thus, it is important to always practice preventive planning to ensure your mouth is best equipped to handle any risks and hazards that come its way.

Your teeth can be extra sensitive when you wake up if you have been grinding your teeth all night. An oral health condition known as bruxism can leave your teeth extra sensitive due to tooth grinding and gnashing while you sleep. In addition, numerous products, including cough drops and chewing on ice, can also damage your smile if you bite into them too hard. Furthermore, cough drops often are loaded with sugar which can increase the rate of tooth decay and dental erosion in your mouth.

One highly effective treatment method to consider to keep your smile safe is a mouth guard. Normally a mouth guard is an excellent tool to use for protecting your mouth while you sleep, and they are also highly effective at preventing blunt trauma that can arise during sports. To prevent tooth hazards from occurring, purchase a mouth guard or speak with your dentist about having one custom-made for you.

You may be at an elevated risk for tooth hazards. Kingston Family Dental is here to help you with all your oral health care needs. For a comprehensive diagnosis from Dr. Vera Matshkalyan and our team at our dentist office, you can book an appointment by calling us at 603-347-1327. For oral health care treatment from a dentist in Kingston, New Hampshire, call us today.