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Food and Drinks Damaging Your Teeth

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There are many things that can harm your smile, particularly what you expose your teeth to every single day – food and drinks. Of course, your teeth were built for eating, and you have to consume nutrients to survive. It’s what you eat and drink that matters. So let’s talk about the foods you want to avoid.

Sugary treats like cookies, cakes and candy are not just harmful to your body; they hurt your teeth too. This is because the high levels of sugar they contain encourage bacteria, which causes them to release acids which attack your teeth and encourage decay.

Consuming sugary drinks is like giving your teeth a sugar bath. This is not fun for your smile, and like eating sugary foods, it encourages cavity development. It’s best to drink water and avoid sugary beverages such as juice, soda, lemonade, sweet tea and sweetened coffee.

Acidic foods or food with a low pH level cling to your smile and wear down your tooth enamel. When you eat foods such as tomatoes, oranges, lemons, and limes, you’ll want to have them with a meal because the other foods can counteract the acids and diminish the damage.

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