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Common Causes Linked to Bad Breath

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Bad breath, also referred to a halitosis, is a common oral health condition that is often characterized by foul odors that come from the mouth. Typically, these odors are caused by bacteria, but in some situations, they may simply be the result of foods you ate or drinks you consume. Spotting signs of the actual disorder easy to spot, as the causes are well known. Listed below are a few common causes linked to bad breath:

– Your bad breath could be the result of a serious disease such as gum disease, also called periodontal disease. This disease is the result of an infection within the gum tissue in your mouth.
– Another contributor of gum disease is plaque buildup with your mouth. If bacteria are allowed to manifest in your mouth, it can cause the odors responsible for bad breath.
– Bad oral hygiene habits such as poor brushing and flossing techniques often result in plaque buildup and subsequent bad breath symptoms.
– Bad breath could be the result of an inner illness with your body, including respiratory tract infections, as well as liver and kidneys disorders.
– Bad habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco, as well as medications that promote dry mouth, can be the cause of many bad breath symptoms.

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