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Dental Attrition on a Tooth Needs to Be Treated to Prevent Other Problems

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Sometimes a minor deviation in the alignment of two or more of your teeth can start to affect a single tooth’s enamel layer. As the years grind by the excess wear and tear on a non-occlusal surface can cause dental attrition.

As healthy tooth enamel is lost, the new area could be susceptible to collecting bacterial deposits which could lead to a severe case of tooth decay. The compromised structural integrity could also promote severe tooth sensitivity problems, and potentially lead to a more significant dental fracture.

If you’ve noticed an aberration in the surface of one of your teeth, or you’ve been experienced heightened sensitivity, you should have the tooth examined by a professional dentist like Dr. Vera Matshkalyan.

With early detection, a small area of enamel attrition might be repaired by applying a common dental filling. This will repair the compromised area with a dental substance like amalgam or composite resin.

If the area of dental attrition is large Dr. Vera Matshkalyan might recommend restoring the entire tooth enamel layer with a dental crown. This will essentially clad the tooth in either gold, porcelain, or a base metal alloy.

If you live in the Kingston, New Hampshire, area and you suspect one of your teeth has been affected by dental attrition, you should call 603-347-1327 to have it examined and treated at Kingston Family Dental.