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Is Your Smile Prepared to Take on Plaque and Tooth Decay?

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When plaque begins to build up over time in your mouth, it can begin to convert substances such as sugars into harmful acids that can eat through tooth enamel. When the harmful acids eat fully through the tooth enamel, a hole forms, called a cavity. Fight cavities with these superb treatments:

— Increase your oral health habits with effective cleaning tools that are designed for safety and effectiveness. This includes products with the ADA Seal of Acceptance and those that have been recommended to you by your dentist.

— Cavities can be prevented by chewing sugarless gum for roughly 20 minutes after a meal.

— Supplementary cleaning tools such as mouthwash can be highly effective in keeping your mouth clean and cavity-free.

— Sugars and acids in foods and drinks should be avoided whenever possible. Also, avoid products that can stick or cling to your teeth for long periods of time.

— For additional help, attend regular checkups, oral examinations, and professional cleanings with your dentist.

— Never skip a day without following your daily cleaning routine. This includes brushing twice daily and flossing daily.

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