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The Trouble With Cavities

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Are you experiencing trouble with cavities? Do you know, if you neglect your cavities, you could be setting yourself up for major oral health care problems such as tooth loss, gum disease, and even bone loss? Yes, it’s true! Taking care of your smile includes doing what you can to prevent cavities and correcting them as quickly as possible.

Our dentist, Dr. Vera Matshkalyan, is happy to help you with your cavity troubles. That is why our team at Kingston Family Dental in Kingston, New Hampshire, is here to share some information with you, so you understand the importance of overcoming your cavities.

Here is a list of facts on cavities:
– If a tooth’s pulp has become diseased or infected, it must be taken out.
– Should a cavity be present, it could be a future risk to not only the tooth but also the surrounding gums is present.
– Tooth discomfort can arise due to the presence of a cavity.
– Dental erosion could use acids to chew through your tooth until a hole has formed.
– When a one is present, bacteria can seep into a tooth and cause infection and decay.
– Tooth loss is possible if a tooth has sustained one and it hasn’t been treated.

If you do what you can to treat or avoid cavities, then you may be setting yourself up for positive oral health and healthy teeth! If you have questions about your teeth, or if you need help treating cavities, please call us today at 603-347-1327 to make an appointment. We look forward to helping you overcome your cavities trouble.